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Simone Jackson Beast Mode Soccer
  • World-Class Sessions: Over 80 sessions crafted by David Copeland-Smith, ensuring you're training with the best. Each session covers Footwork, Passing, Finishing, First Touch, and Dribbling, and is broken down into a warm-up, juggling, footwork, and drills specific to that session's topic.
  • Personalized Training Calendar: The Beast Mode Soccer+ App comes with a built-in calendar, putting YOU in control of your training. No more cookie-cutter sessions; you decide what to work on and when.
  • Community & Competition: Join a global community of soccer enthusiasts. Participate in monthly challenges, earn awards, and even get a chance to win Nike branded Beast Mode Soccer gear. Track your touches, shots, and passes, and watch your progress in real-time.
  • Learn from the Best: Access bite-sized videos with Pro Player Technical Breakdowns, Tactical Breakdowns, over 60 1v1 moves, Pro Player Interviews, and much more.

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