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Welcome to 1v1 Demolition

1v1 Demolition is all about giving you the advantage as a player with the ball at your feet. Imagine… You have no options to pass to, are dribbling toward the goal, but there is a defender between you and your finish. You got this. You have practiced this 100’s of times using our ‘staggered diamond’ drills, and you have picked three 1v1 moves to master. YOU GOT THIS. The defender comes at you, you step left, the defender raises their right foot to block you, noticing this you explode right putting the perfect ‘weight’ on the ball… The keeper runs out and you calmly slot the ball into the bottom corner of the goal. What a clutch move.

The 1v1 Demolition section is set out like this:

  • The Theoretical Side: Learn the EXACT way we teach players to DESTROY their opponents using 'Angles of Deception'
  • Moves & Feints- Changes of Direction: Simple changes of direction moves like the 'outside chop,' 'inside chop' etc. To begin with, pick six of these that you want to use
  • Moves & Feints- 1v1 Moves: The main focus of this section. There are SO many 1v1 moves to choose from. However, I do not want you to try to master all of them, it would literally take you FOREVER! What we want to avoid is you becoming THAT player who can do twenty different 1v1 moves decently, but when it comes to games you don't do any because you are yet to master ANY of them. I want you to pick THREE that you look at and think 'Yes, I would definitely do that in a game.' It may be one of the fancier moves, it may be the simpler ones, it doesn't really matter as this is a personal choice for you and every player is different

So get started right now by watching the first five videos below!

1v1 Demolition: The Lessons

1. Angles of Deception

2. Adding the Explosive Element

3. Learn the Moves

4. Staggered Diamond

5. Staggered Diamond Explode

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