21 Day 1v1 Challenge - Beast Mode Soccer

Unlock Your Full Potential with the 21 Day 1v1 Domination Challenge!

Transform Your Game in Just 21 Days with Our Step-by-Step Soccer Program

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Become Unstoppable: Master the art of 1v1 soccer and transform into a formidable player on the field that opponents will fear.

Expert Guidance: Learn from David Copeland Smith, a renowned soccer coach who has trained world-class players and can help you elevate your game to new heights.

Improve Rapidly: Witness significant improvement in your soccer skills in just 21 days! This challenge is designed to deliver quick, impactful results.

Join a Community: Be a part of a thriving community of soccer enthusiasts who are taking the challenge. Experience the motivation, encouragement, and camaraderie that comes with a shared goal.

Access Anywhere, Anytime: Participate in the challenge at your convenience with available resources on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Plus, get your own PDF guide for an all-inclusive training experience.

"Every soccer player is unique, possessing their own blend of style and rhythm. Yet, when it comes to mastering 1v1 situations, too many players falter. That's where our 21-Day 1v1 Domination Challenge makes its mark. This isn't your average drill sequence; it's a deep dive into the art and science of 1v1 encounters.

Our challenge will give you an in-depth understanding of 1v1 situations: they're not just confrontations, but golden opportunities to demonstrate your skill and impact the game. Over these 21 days, we'll help you harness your personal strengths, navigate your weaknesses, and transform you into an unstoppable force in any 1v1 scenario. Get ready for a personalized journey to amplify your game!"

David Copeland Smith

Founder, Beast Mode Soccer