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Game Footage

If accepted into the ODA program, send us your latest game footage so that we can start the analysis process to maximize your ODA experience.



Schedule your re-occurring weekly 30 minute Online Development Academy session with Beast Mode Soccer Founder, David Copeland-Smith.

The Online Development Academy Just Flat Out Gets Results

The ODA with David showed me exactly how to get more technical, more organized and transformed my confidence, after 12 weeks, I was unrecognizable on the field, my coaches had no idea how I became so good!

Izzy V, New Jersey

My goal was to play pro again after an injury. I was accepted into the ODA program and we immediately got to work ... David showed me I'm in control, how to organize my time to maximize my development... and I made it pro!

Tess G, Sweden

I started the ODA when I had just started club soccer. David showed me how to set attainable short term & long term goals, one of which was to play for the Olympic Development Program. I'm proud to say I achieved that this year!

Kayleigh Kenny, NY

I signed up to ODA because I had seen the Beast Mode Soccer drills online and wanted to take my game to the next level. I am now SO organized with my individual development and I can see the results on the field week after week. My confidence has sky-rocketed!

Jordyn Listro, Pro Soccer Player

Having the chance to work with David changed my game completely. I really look forward to our weekly Skype session, the ODA has not only showed me how to 'own my development' but has really enhanced my tactical understanding of the game. ODA is awesome!

Cody K, Canada

ODA is a phenomenal tool for players to learn from a world renowned skills specialist. As a seasoned pro I have had the pleasure of working with David and have seen personally his ability to bring the best out of players. I highly recommend the ODA

Ciara M, Australia

12 Weekly Sessions

The initial ODA is for 12 weeks. Most players stay for way longer, our player retention rate is over 90%

30 Minutes a Week

Schedule your ODA session with Beast Mode Soccer Founder David Copeland-Smith

Beast Mode Soccer+

On that call you will discuss your week, what you did, how you can improve and come up with an action plan for the next week!

Text Updates 

Struggling during the week? Don't worry! You get email and text access to David. Beast Mode Soccer has your back!

Game Footage

Each month you can send us a full game video so we can analyze your progress and make sure you are on track!

How The ODA Works

More Players, Just Like YOU, Getting Results with the ODA

I was having trouble performing in actual games. I was fine at practice, and in scrimmages, but when it came to games I would freeze. David gave me a plan and I followed it... In less than 8 weeks my confidence had a complete turn-a-round. I have never had this level of self belief!

Brianna B, Hawaii

I started a season of ODA before I started my first season as pro player. David really helped out showing me how to plan my time to maximize my development, and get ready to make the jump from college to the pro's. I ended up being a rookie of the year finalist and scoring six goals!

Sofia Huerta, Pro Player

At the end of every season I sign up to Beast Mode Soccer's ODA. David really helps me to be lazer focused on my goals and really keeps me accountable. I HAVE to follow through on the plan to get where I can be! That's the beauty of the ODA

Emma Kete, Pro Player

Before the ODA I was struggling with so many things, but mainly it was confidence because of the politics on my team. My coach was not playing me, but I knew I was good enough. ODA showed me how to funnel my frustration into training and become a game changer!

Sophia, Florida

Technically I was great, but I had this huge fear before games and used to 'hide.' David showed me exactly how to deal with this fear, how to train with a purpose, and how to not be a 'playground superstar.' Now I actually look forward to games, and that fear has gone!

Hamza M, NJ

I was in a situation where I live in a small town, with limited opportunities to go to showcases etc. My teammates did not take the game as seriously as me, and that was hurting my development. David helped me navigate the whole process, find a team, and get a scholarship!

Julia R, PA

The results that we see with players in our ODA program are nothing short of spectacular! They are definitely in the 1% of players who know what it takes to make it to the elite level!

-David Copeland Smith 

Founder, Beast Mode Soccer

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