August 15

How To Get A Better First Touch in Soccer

How do players have that flawless, velvet type first touch? Easy.... Practice! Below we have a video of one of our favorite drills that teach players how to get that coveted 'kill' touch. We simply set up a 2x2 (or bigger if you need more space to start with) box, have two teammates 10-20 yards away. They play the ball in and you have to control the ball, with your first touch inside the box!

Simple right? Well... It sounds it. Watch as #teamBMS member Morgan succeeds time after time, but more importantly, watch her body, watch the shape of it, watch the shape of her feet, how she kills the pace of the ball with her control:

We will be adding more and more videos to the blog, so be sure to check back!


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Does Individual Soccer Training Work?
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