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"Daily meetings with Beast Mode Soccer to track my progress. Dave you are legit, thank you for the training"

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"I have been working with David for over 10 years. In that time I have gone from High School to Stanford to pro, played in 4 World Cup & Olympics!"

"Working with David was very impressive especially because I have been a pro at the top level for so long. I continue to apply his methods in my daily workout"

"There is a fantastic culture around Beast Mode Soccer. Working with David is a step forward in becoming the best player that I can be"

"Huge shout out and thank you to Beast Mode Soccer Dave for always showing up and challenging us to get better"

"Working with Dave is always something I look forward to, he always has a new challenge to test my technique and he gives me a new perspective on my game"

"Since working with Dave I have become an All-American and been called up to the England National Team and played in the World Cup. His passion to improve players is unbelievable"

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"I have played soccer since I was 5 years old, thru club, college and pro. All I can say about Beast Mode Soccer is that I wish I had access to a trainer like this when I was 5!"

"I train with Beast Mode Soccer whenever I am in Los Angeles. David not only showed me how to become better technically, but also how to have a dominant, unbreakable mindset

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"Dave helped me make the transition from college where I was the captain at UCLA to the MLS where I was drafted by the LA Galaxy. Dave made me realize I could play at this level"

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"David challenged me to improve, cleaned my technique up with his touch program and incorporated it all in game realistic drills. A great balance between hard work and fun"

"Beast Mode Soccer made sure that I was in peak physical condition and that my skills were at their best for my comeback. David has an uncanny knack of getting the best out of players"

"My teammates were raving about Beast Mode Soccer so I had to check them out. Some days I found myself there for multiple hours and multiple sessions. David pushes yourself to be your best self"

"I really enjoy my sessions with David. He fully prepared me for camps with the USWNT u23 team and my pro team. He is constantly pushing me to be better, and I have done!"

"After I trained with David in Los Angeles, he wrote me a Racquet Ball workout to use in the winter, and I am loving it! Thank you!"

"BMS sessions constantly challenge your ability while growing your confidence at the same time. I feel extremely grateful for the opportunity to have trained with David"

"Beast Mode Soccer exemplifies what the game should be about; Fun, challenging and intense. Every time in LA I train with David"