November 6

Skyrocket your performance in soccer practice TODAY!


Skyrocket your performance at practice TODAY I have just started to roll this out to #teamBMS members in the last few weeks. After reports of players performance at training going from good to great, I wanted to make it available to you guys. Practice. It’s where you go, see your friends, chat to them, warm up and then go through whatever drills your coach has prepared. Hopefully you have an organized coach who has a session planned every time and each drill has a purpose to improve your team. How do you play at practice? WHAT is practice to YOU as a player? The dictionary definition of practice as: “perform (an activity) or exercise (a skill) repeatedly or regularly in order to improve or maintain one’s proficiency.” A lot of players I have spoken to have little input as to what drills happen at practice, they don’t know until they show up, and that’s that. So I began to ask our players, ‘Ok, well what do you do to prepare for practice?’ The resounding answer was ‘show up.’ So, in true Beast Mode Soccer style, we changed it! The way we look at soccer development is that it is like a journey. Your teams practices are a HUGE part of that journey. You wouldn’t start a journey without a destination right? You would just be driving around in circles, and nobody wants to do that… So why do with with your soccer development. Every player that we work with are successful because they have MAPPED OUT their journey! They know their destination, they know how to get there… Sure, there will be road blocks, closed exits etc on the way,  but that is the same of every journey… If you plan to succeed, and more importantly, take ACTION on that plan, then you are getting closer and closer to your destination! So now, we have our players look at their team practice as an integral part of the journey. We now have #teamBMS players fill out a simple sheet before practice. It’s true that you cannot control the drills that your coach is going to do etc. However what you can do is control what you ACHIEVE in practice. In only two weeks implementing this sheet we have seen players confidence at practice accelerate, their technical execution in practice go through the roof and so much more! * Here’s how it works: * Print out the BMS Practice Success Planner (PSP) * Fill out WHAT you want to achieve at practice that day * Say HOW you will achieve that * After practice fill out the self analysis box * Keep a folder of all of your PSP’s. You can check back on what you still need to work on etc. * Remember: Success comes with planning! Check this example out:
You can download the blank PSP by entering your email address below. I have made it double sided, so be sure to print on both sides to save paper. Make this part of your routine for practice and you will literally supercharge your performance!


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