March 23

The Episoketren System


Ok so I had to write this post.

Our YouTube videos get swamped with the same spam comments, I spend hours each month deleting them, the comment is:

“What is Episoketren System and how does it work? I hear many individuals improve their soccer skills using it with this popular training program.”

I can’t stand spam comments, and they are always by obviously fake accounts with names like Aarav Sanford and Boripalk Tsypliativ, and NEVER have a profile picture lol.

In this age of social media, and viral videos, a lot of shady trainers, and companies use other peoples popular accounts like ours to try and scam people into buying outdated training programs.

Soooo I was curious who these scammers were, so I indeed googled the Episoketren System. The results read like a spammers dream, these comments are created by bots, and they are all over the place. When you click on the link for Episoketren System, I found out that it DOES NOT EXIST! 

You get sent to the above page... Then you click on the 'continue...

And... get redirected to the website for an old training program called Epic Soccer Training. This is where the shadiness of Epic Soccer Training is actually smart…. Instead of getting loads of complaints about spam for their company, the spam complaints go against Episoketren System, and Epic Soccer Training looks clean. Genius.

Worse than that, it looks like its run by ClickBank. ClickBank is a place where anybody can promote any digital product and get affiliate money from it, so they promote ebooks and other scams, and they get 50% (from Epic Soccer in this case)

I wrote this blog post hoping that anybody who indeed does search for it ends up here! So now I should spam you with my training programs and app!


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