August 23

What are the best individual soccer drills to improve ball control?

"What are the best individual soccer drills to improve ball control?" That is one of the questions I receive the most from players on social media, so this post is all about what drills you can put into your individual soccer training plan to improve your ball control and grow your confidence!

We will cover the best drills to improve ball control.
Beast Mode Soccer App Footwork

First we will go over some simple footwork drills that you barely need any space for, and minimal equipment, just a ball and a few cones.

The whole point with our footwork programs is for players to get super comfortable using every single part of their foot to manipulate the ball. What I have discovered after 18 years of individual soccer training is that this is the fastest way for players to see results. We ALWAYS start every single session with some footwork, no matter who the player!

Sooooooo... Start with one of our footwork series. This one with Alex Morgan is actually fantastic:

Footwork is integral part of your development. In order to become an elite soccer player you HAVE to be confident with the ball at your feet. I want every single player that I work with to become a 1v1 artist, that is, a player who looks forward to DESTROYING players in games!

In order to be THAT player, you NEED to have ball mastery drills in your training every day. Check out the Beast Mode Soccer YouTube for even more fantastic footwork series.

Now, after that, it's all about you designing dribbling and running with the ball drills. Check this series out featuring Christen Press:

So there you go! The best individual soccer drills to improve ball control!

Remember, your training should be unique to you, so take inspiration from all of our drills online but make them your own.

Did you know that there is an easier way? Check out the Beast Mode Soccer App, My Soccer Training! Over 70 'Done for you' Sessions!


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