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What is the best individual soccer training program?


What is the best individual soccer training program?

What is the best individual soccer training program?

The Beast Mode Soccer blog has been created to help soccer players improve their game. In this post, we are going to talk about what is the best individual soccer training program. There are a lot of options out there so it can be difficult to know which one you should use. However, with our guidance and recommendations below, you will have everything that you need in order to make an informed decision!

YouTube & Instagram

YouTube and Instagram videos are a great way to learn new skills, but they lack the structured format of an individual soccer training program. YouTube does not offer specific drills and exercises for you to follow along with like some other apps do (e.g., My Soccer Training). You also need internet access in order to view these online tutorials. There is great content on YouTube, don't get me wrong, however, there is also a HUGE amount of garbage on there from 'trainers' who film a bunch of stuff but don't actually train anyone. Its a very confusing place. Who do you listen to? The marketer? Do they actually train players day in day out? Do the KNOW what works or just what looks good on video? Here's a rule of thumb... If there is about $10k worth of equipment on the field... They are fronting 😂

Online Individual Soccer Training Programs

There are a few online individual soccer training programs out there as well. Lets start with Dylan Tooby and his Progressive Soccer Training programs.

The trainings are good, Dylan seems like a cool guy. My own problem with his training programs are that pretty much all the content is available for free on his YouTube channel, the programs are the same thing just organized better.

Then we have Matt Smith and Epic Soccer Training.

Matt's program is more in depth than Dylan's, they aren't just a series of YouTube videos. The problem with Epic Soccer Training is that it is dated and has not been given a refresh in more than 10 years. Just like everything else, soccer training evolves. Also, it seems that the people behind this program employ some really SPAMMY tactics to get traffic to their website, check out this post I wrote about it: https://beastmodesoccer.com/the-episoketren-system/

Then we have Beast Mode Soccer

If you check out our training program store, we have some fantastic individual soccer training programs, built from the ground up by myself that are geared toward making you the best player that you can be:

The Better Soccer Blueprint: Over 150 training videos, and planner so you can plan out your development

The Challenge: 5 videos, each with 5000 touches on. Follow the program and you will get over half a million touches in 100 days, do it for 200 days... You get ONE MILLION touches, THAT IS INSANE! It's literally impossible to not improve!

The Soccer Vortex: This is the most complete individual soccer training program on the planet. Nothing else comes close. It covers all bases of Technical, Tactical, Physical, Mental and Social development. It's a lot of work, but being the best is never going to be easy.

The SWAG Mindset: This mental training program takes a lot of work, BUT if you invest in it, do it and see it through, you will have a bullet proof mindset. SO many players have completely turned themselves around from being nervous wrecks who are so scared to make mistakes because they do not want to upset their coach/parents/teammates, into absolute confidence rockets who lead on the field, believe in their ability and actually ENJOY the skirmish of competition!

Individual Soccer Training Apps

When I was in the development stages of putting together the My Soccer Training App I researched EVERY SINGLE SOCCER TRAINING APP!

There were HUNDREDS of them, ranging from free to $300 a year.

My plan was to mimic having an individual soccer trainer in your pocket. It took a long long time, but we finally finished, and ill tell you what, you can add up all of the other apps, and they do not come to close to the My Soccer Training App. Our content is absolutely second to none!

If you do go in another direction, what should you look for? 

#1 Who is making the App?

Is it a company or a team who just pushed a bunch of money into the individual soccer training space to make money? If so... Run.

The only training training apps worth investing in are the ones that are created by REAL trainers. Why? Because we know what is working RIGHT NOW and include it in the app. If it's not made by a trainer, then they are just guessing what works!

#2 How much does it cost?

Is it a one off cost? If so, do they ever update the app? In our app we put new content in each month. Usually its with some of the pro players that I train, because I KNOW you want to know their secrets! Because we are always updating the app we charge a small monthly fee of less than $20! That gets you over 50 FULL individual soccer training sessions, a learning portal called BMSU, the whole app is gamified so that you can compete with your teammates on our leaderboard!

So... What is the best individual soccer training program?

The My Soccer Training App

I know I am slightly bias. BUT... This app honestly blows my mind. I wanted to create an app that was akin to having a private soccer trainer in your pocket, and I truly think my team and I succeeded. Over 50 FULL sessions, an education portal, an interactive calendar, and the best part, I put brand new sessions on there every month. The difference between my app and the others out there is that I am training players from all ages and levels day in day out, I flat out KNOW what works and what doesn't work and I pass that on to YOU in these sessions. It was also very important to me to make sure that as an app, it's STILL an individually based experience. We do not tell you what sessions to do every day. Why? Because you are UNIQUE! What you need to work on is not what your teammate needs to work on. Cookie cutter sessions are fine when you are starting out, but when you get better, you have to have an individually based, unique program, and that is EXACTLY what the My Soccer Training app is.

The best part is that I have managed to squeeze all that content, and new content each month, all into a world class training app that costs only $19.99 a month, which is a fraction of the cost of one private training session, it's less than a decent pair of shinguards, or a couple of trips to Starbucks (you can do without that anyway!).

In Conclusion

If you do not have a chance to train directly with the Beast Mode Soccer team, then the best individual soccer training program is 100% the My Soccer Training app is the best way to get world class training at an affordable price. And, you can do it from anywhere in your house or on a soccer field!


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