September 20

How can you become a better soccer player, fast?


So! You want to get better at soccer... FAST! Is it possible? Kind of... Read on.

Soccer skills development, much like anything in life worth achieving, is delayed gratification! Unfortunately, you cannot just take a pill, wake up, and play like Messi or Marta! However, there are ways to speed up your development process, and I will go over them in this article. 

Practice, practice & practice

The first thing, is individual soccer training. The only way to truly reach your potential is to train on your own as well as your team trainings. However, all individual training is not equal!


First things first, you have to organize your training. If you just go out to train, it will take you forever to improve because you have no goals that you want to achieve with those sessions. How do you do this? The best place to start is the Beast Mode Soccer Individual Development Plan. It's FREE and you can download it HERE.

The other way is through private soccer sessions. If you have a private soccer coach, at the bare minimum they should have a plan for you, a long term development plan. If you cannot afford private soccer lessons, start with our IDP, and then look at getting our individual soccer training app, Beast Mode Soccer Plus. At $19.99 a month, it's an absolute steal for what you get from it! Here are some things that you should always add into your individual training:

First touch

You need a great touch to become a good player. A great touch means being able to control the ball close to your body (or away from your body if exploiting space) with both feet in a way that makes a significant difference in your game. Therefore, your first touch dictates your next move when on the soccer field. All you need to do this is a wall, a ball and drills.

Weak foot ability

Only ONE person is responsible for your weak foot... and that person is YOU! Look at our Beast Mode Soccer drills and you will say that every single one is done with both feet. You will always have a preferred foot, but you should work hard on not having a 'weak' foot. Again.. a ball and a wall is your best friend here!

Control and dribbling in tight areas

Getting out of tight spaces is HUGE in soccer. Check out the Beast Mode Soccer Instagram HERE for so many drills that are geared toward this subject. You really want to become a master of the ball, and ENJOY the 1v1 battles, and dominating those tight spaces.

Passing Ability

If you have followed Beast Mode Soccer for any amount of time you will know that I am OBSESSED with texture on the ball. This is even more so the case for passing. Learn how to completely manipulate the ball with your passing. Whether that is pings, outside curl, inside curl, backspin... learn to deliberately manipulate the ball to make your teammates lives a lot easier when they receive it!

Just a quick blog today, but remember, for anything worth achieving in life, there are no shortcuts, and anybody selling them... you should run away from. Becoming a good soccer player is all about organizing your success, and individual soccer training plays a key role in that! Any questions? Lemme know!


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