September 27

Does Individual Soccer Training Work?


This is one question I am asked time after time...

Does individual soccer training really get you the results? 

The answer is 'YES!'... BUT... it comes with some conditions. Check this video out:

This is Jessie.

I started working with Jessie almost 4 years ago. When I first onboard a player, I ask for a list of their strengths and weaknesses, and I compare what I think to what they think. Players usually give me a list of one or two things.

Jessie, who I genuinely rated extremely highly... gave me a list of 20 things!

I had never seen anything like this list. It was incredibly detailed, as in... 'I want to play passes like Iniesta did in the game vs Espanol in 2009.'

I didn't agree with everything on her list, but we got to work on her Individual Development Plan. When I tell you that this young woman has a work ethic... Wow. She blew my mind.

This is just one example that I have, of 100's of individual training absolutely working. Jessie will go on to become better and better, in part because of the Individual Development Plan set up for her.

If you have the right trainer, or sessions, all you have to do is show up with a great attitude, train with a purpose and you will soon see results on the field!


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