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How to plan individual soccer training sessions


How to plan individual soccer training sessions

You want to get better at soccer. You know you have to train on your own for that to happen. You are prepared to work hard to be better. But you just don't know how to plan out your individual soccer training sessions. Well... This post is all for you!

Analyze Yourself

First of all you need to know what to work on. How do you do that? ANALYZE your own game! Everyone has a smart phone these days, have someone record your games then analyze... Then you will be ready to...

Plan Your Sessions.

This is where most players fail. They just go outside and do whatever comes to their head. Once you have analyzed your game, take the time to plan your sessions so that they are EXACTLY what you need to work on. Try yo have ONE focus in the session, do not try to work on too much, you will lose focus.

Be Selective.

Do not get caught up in social media drills. Social media is full of what I call 'soccer entertainment' where the drills are fun to watch but absolute garbage when it comes to development. Who has $10k worth of equipment laying around? You need PROVEN drills from PROVEN trainers. Be sure to check out our app, Beast Mode Soccer+.

Game Speed.

Now you that you have planned out your session, make sure that you go at game speed when executing the drills. Do not just go through the motions. Do no train to train. Give 100% throughout the session, and you will see that repaid in your game performance!


Evaluate each session you do. Did the drills work for you? Could you tweak them to get more of them? Did you work hard enough? Did you to too much? Then fix it all for the next time so that you are continually improving.

Ask For Help.

Need help on your session planning? Drop a question on our social media and I will try my hardest to answer you. I have a HUGE amount of FREE RESOURCES for individual development that I have created on my website. You should definitely start with the FREE Individual Development Plan!

Make it Easy.

The easiest way for you to train individually is to get our app, Beast Mode Soccer+. It's less than $20 a month for more than 70 world class individual soccer training sessions and WAY MORE!

THIS is how to plan your individual soccer training sessions!








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