Technical Breakdown Part 2: Learn to thread a killer through ball like Xavi – Beast Mode Soccer

Technical Breakdown Part 2: Learn to thread a killer through ball like Xavi

If you missed part 1, just click HERE

Today we take a look at passing maestro Xavi and how he is ridiculously consistent with his passing ratio! This video does a great job of also breaking down Xavi’s incredible vision, reaction and awareness. Check this video out
As you can see, Xavi is amazing at ‘finding’ that pass. He is so calm on the ball, his vision is superb and he seems to ‘see’ passes that other world class players wouldn’t. Check this video out we shot showing a drill I use to train players to be able to thread the ball through small openings.
What always amazes me with Xavi is his confidence of knowing where his passes are going. In our training program, The Soccer Vortex, we have a complete section dedicated purely to vision, reaction and awareness that teaches players to pass on reaction, over different lengths, using different styles of passes, just like Xavi. You can check that program out The Soccer Vortex

David Copeland-Smith

Internationally recognized as a leading figure in individual technical development, David is seen as a long-term thinker and visionary, determined to bestow a phenomenal work ethic on the next generation of soccer players. Following his success as a field and classroom presenter at the world renowned NSCAA Convention in Philadelphia and Baltimore, David has continued to grow Beast Mode Soccer into the go-to technical training system trusted by many of USWNT, USMNT, and NWSL players.