You want great footwork? Here you go… – Beast Mode Soccer

You want great footwork? Here you go…

Get comfortable with the ball at your feet!
The best way to gain more confidence on the field is to KNOW that you can make the ball do what you want it to. Today I have FOUR great footwork videos for you.
Just do 100 touches of each move in each video and you’ll be racking up over 4000 QUALITY touches a day!
Remember… You are as good as you want to be!

The next level has arrived…

David Copeland-Smith

Internationally recognized as a leading figure in individual technical development, David is seen as a long-term thinker and visionary, determined to bestow a phenomenal work ethic on the next generation of soccer players. Following his success as a field and classroom presenter at the world renowned NSCAA Convention in Philadelphia and Baltimore, David has continued to grow Beast Mode Soccer into the go-to technical training system trusted by many of USWNT, USMNT, and NWSL players.