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Do i need a partner?

No! Beast Mode Soccer+ has been designed from the ground up for the individual player. There are sections that use two and three players, however, you can replace them with rebounders/walls, but don’t worry, 90% of the drills do not require a partner.

What Equipment Do I Need?

We have made Beast Mode Soccer+ to be 'excuse free,' so we have kept the equipment to a minimum. You will need a soccer ball and a some cones, but if you don’t have cones, use old socks! You will need a tennis ball, a skills ball and we recommend at least 4 soccer balls. A lot of the passing drills do require a wall or a rebounder (if you do not have access to either you can easily use a buddy/parent). Obviously with the shooting drills you will need a goal, and a good amount of space. Each session does detail exactly what you will need! And of course... You will need a cellphone!

Is This Program All in an app?

Yes! We built the App from the ground up. All of the content is available on your phone through our native iOS and Android Apps. The most cost effective way for you to get the app is to purchase through our site, set up your account, THEN download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

What Age Group & level is beast mode soccer+ For?

Beast Mode Soccer+ has been made so that any age and level player can benefit. We have players aged 8 right through to World Cup Winner's using the app! It's less about your age and level, and more about you taking ownership of your development, and taking the time to plan out your sessions each week, although you are also welcome to just jump on and train!

when am i billed, and how much is the app?

If you subscribed to our monthly option, you are billed $19.99 automatically every month from the date you sign up. 

If you went for the annual option, you are billed $197 automatically every 365 days from the date you sign up.

How Many Sessions are in beast mode soccer+?

Upon launch we will have over 70 sessions. These are split into the following categories: Footwork, Wall Work, Control, Dribbling, Passing, Shooting & Finishing and Train Like a Pro. Our goal is to add new sessions each month so that you are always tested.

How do i know it is right for me?

If you are a soccer player who wants to improve, then Beast Mode Soccer+ is for you. We flat out know what works when it comes to individual soccer development, and we include all of that knowledge within the app. This is not an app made by a company who puts random drills together, and sends the exact same session for every single user! This app is made by David Copeland Smith, and you will be using the exact same methods he uses to develop players from rec right through to World Cup Winners! It does not matter where you are on your soccer journey right now, the content inside the Beast Mode Soccer+ App will get you to your destination quicker than any other method!

What do i do if i have finished all the sessions?

Every session is meant to be done multiple times. We do not want you to just go through the app and do every single session in order... That will not help your individual development. The app is based upon the method that David Copeland Smith uses with players he trains with personally, where the same session will be repeated numerous times with tweaks as the player gets better and better. There is enough content (and sessions being added each month) so that your development will never become stagnant.

What if I Need Help?

You can easily contact us 24/7 at [email protected]. Our goal is to get back to you within 48 hours and solve any issues you have!

why is this app a paid subscription?

We would love to be able to offer the App at no cost, however, it has been an enormous investment from Beast Mode Soccer to be able to make the vision become a reality. The entire App was self financed, with no VC investment at all. Filming, editing, production, app development, iOS/Android updates all have massive costs to them, so we have to charge a small monthly fee in order to keep producing the best individual development content, so that you get to your soccer destination as soon as possible! 

how do i cancel?

We will be sorry to see you go! If you subscribed through the Apple App Store or Google Play, simply go in and cancel your subscription through the respective App Store. If you subscribed through our website, simply send an email to [email protected] with the subject 'Please Cancel My Account' with your full name, and email address used to sign up for the account. Our team will go ahead and cancel the app and send you confirmation. 

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