First of all, congratulations for taking the initiative, stepping up and saying ‘Yes! I want to take my soccer development into my own hands!’

The Better Soccer Blueprint is a groundbreaking ninety day technical development tool that uses old media and new media together. The Better Soccer Blueprint is fluff free, there are no ‘filler’ pages, no pictures attempting to explain techniques… Why? Simply put, they do not work! When you see something in action, it is a lot easier to learn, which is why The Better Soccer Blueprint mixes an old school book, with videos that can be accessed on your smart phone or tablet (Wi-Fi or Cellular service required).

What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? How long do YOU actually work on your technique everyday? Do you know what drills to do? How long do you spend at your teams practice perfecting your own technique?

The Better Soccer Blueprint will show you exactly HOW to set your goals, and exactly WHAT to do to smash them! How does it all work? Read on…

You receive The Better Soccer Blueprint. Read through the first 10 pages. We have packed these pages with all of the information you need to succeed with this program. As said before, there is no fluff, just raw information that you require for the program. Once you have read through these pages, follow the instructions and set your goals for the first thirty days. After this step you will set out your first week of drills. On release, The Better Soccer Blueprint will give you access to at least 100 Technique Training drills online. It is from these videos that you will address your weaknesses, pick the drills that will help you strengthen them. The Better Soccer Blueprint has six sections:

  • Juggling
  • FFA (Fast Footwork and Agility): This section includes dribbling and running with the ball
  • Touches: Learn to master your first touch, as well as the second and third touch!
  • Passing
  • Shooting
  • 1v1 Moves

The Better Soccer Blueprint has been made purely to develop the INDIVIDUAL player. This in turn develops YOUR team. Better players make better teams!

There are no magic potions, or ‘tricks’ in The Better Soccer Blueprint. You need to have the desire to improve, to work harder than you have ever worked before in your life. You need to dedicate at least ONE HOUR everyday for 90 days. Imagine the improvement you will see in 90 days… that’s 90 HOURS of YOU working hard on your OWN technical development! To make this program work, you have to use the DCS method- DISCIPLINE+COMMITMENT=SUCCESS. We cannot stress enough the fact that YOUR hard work will make this program successful. The Better Soccer Blueprint is exactly what it sounds like… a blueprint to you becoming the best soccer player that you can be!



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